Thursday, September 08, 2005

On the road to Duwamish

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Word is travelling around the realm that there is to be a gathering of all travellers at the Duwamish Inn. Riders are coming to bring people from wherever they are located to stay for a few days in Duwamish - before heading to the Lemurian Abbey for a grand festival.

Some travellers have been here before and but I know that tehy will be keen to revisit Duwamish and catch up with old friends like the Inn Keeper and the Ferry Women. Everyone will need to bring a special outfit, a wig, a mask, an act to perform before the Abbess, The Gorgons and the Amazon Queen who are said to be staying at the Abbey at the moment. I suggest that travellers rummage in Pandora's Wardrobe to find the perfect apparel.

The Abbess is organising a banquet to celebrate your visit and she has asked me if everyone could perhaps do a poetry reading, a story telling session, a tarot reading, tell a fairy story or an old wives tale (wash her mouth out now)... oh I don't know, some presentation of some sort that uses your distinct voice. It is a stage you see and I agreed because I figured everyone is here because they are looking for a stage door, eager to walk out into the spotlight and be heard - as often as possible.

But first everyone must reach Duwamish by horse, donkey, raven or whatever transport is available.


At 2:24 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

I adore this Heather, can it go on the Hermitage Blog to let people know where we are?


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