Sunday, September 04, 2005

Artists Wanted In Duwamish

Space for Rent:
146 Anacortes Street
Duwamish Bay, Washington

This Charmer sits above the Duwamish Marina in the lovely Glass Gardens District.

The Glass Gardens Art Gallery and all of it's contents are currently for rent.

It's the hope of the Marina Merchants Association that the Lease Signer will agree to maintain the sight as an Art Gallery as it is the only one in Duwamish.

Please Direct all Inquires to Mark Arima of the Marina Merchants Association.

Or contact
for an invitation to Duwamish Bay....


At 5:11 PM, Blogger AshleyShea said...

I've always wanted to own my own art gallery -- with workshops and classes, too. Do tell me more about this gallery for lease.

At 8:23 PM, Blogger Anita Marie Moscoso said...

I've had several inquires about the Gallery for lease in Duwamish and because you're friends I'll give you the non-salesperson version.

The Gallery was owned and run by the Tryrol Family until last July.

This is the Gallery's History in brief:

Marcus Tyrol, the Gallery's founder was accused shortly after opening the gallery back in the 1920's of the brutal murder of his very wealthy much younger wife.

He was never charged and Thelma Harden- Tyrol's head was never found.

Marcus remarried and his Sons over the years have run the Gallery.

Until last July.

That's when Marcus Tyrol the Third was found hanging in a boathouse down in the Duwamish Marina.

Now as for the Gallery, it's a beautiful place, the pieces in there range from local art to pieces that have had Curators from some pretty famous Galleries sniffing around the place.

However, nothing chases people off faster then a quick sniff of death.

I'm not sure why the locals won't go in the place and they don't want it shut down either. Its almost like they want the place fed, they're very anxious it be kept alive and for new art to be brought in and things added to the older collections.

I think they want it watched...managed.

Anyone up for the job?

I'd be glad to answer any further inquires but as to questions about the art? Well, that's for the experts...anybody brave enough to take a trip into Duwamish to check it out?

At 3:39 AM, Blogger le Enchanteur said...

Oooh! AshleyShea! I think this place might just have your name on it. Gallery pieces would look just wonderful here and imagine the blurb on your brochure?

At 1:40 PM, Blogger AshleyShea said...

I can't imagine a more wonderous place for me and an art gallery. With my life source, water, always in view and singing to me day and night, I am sure the art would flow from my hands, as would the creativity and positive energy to bring back the people of Duwamish. I will make them forget the eery past and fill the gallery with art that will bring the residents joy.

At 2:08 PM, Blogger Anita Marie Moscoso said...

From the Residents of Duwamish...
Welcome to Town!

At 3:59 PM, Blogger AshleyShea said...

Thank you! I promise to take good care of the town's art gallery and to make it a place residents and travelers will want to frequent often.


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