Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wandering Luck

I have been out wandering the local area for the past few days. I am sorry to be holding up all of my companion travels. I just kept finding winding trails that called my name. I must say I took quite a few photos of the local flora while I was out an about. The wilderness is very lovely here. This wise, old tree was my favorite thoughtful spot on the journey. I spent hours leaning against it's sturdy trunk and letting any thought or idea or whisp of wisdom passing by on the breeze soak into me.

I'm not sure what the locals call this particular vision, but I found it very confusing and very calming at the same time. I would try to leave and wasn't sure which direction I should go. Sometimes I felt like I was standing on my head. I would call this the Land of Disorientation. It has it's good points. Being disoriented for a long period of time helps you look at things from angles you'd never considered before.

Before heading back to the House of Serpents, I decided to wander into Duwamish Bay. Any excuse to be near my beloved, the ocean, once more. I wandered the beach, collected magical rocks and shells, and let the ocean air wrap me in her cozy embrace. I don't know why, but I feel more at home when I am at the ocean than when I am anywhere else in the world.

As I have come to expect on this journey, I was called to Duwamish Bay for more important reasons than to visit the ocean. In my wanderings I came upon a quaint little shop. I was first attracted to it's open gate that lead to a fountain in a courtyard. Ivy climbed walls and trees adorning the entire area in rich splendor. When I tried to enter the shop, I found the door locked. Disappointed I wouldn't be able to see the treasures within, which I was certain would be even more glorious than the treasures outside, I turned to walk away. A glittery sprite caught my attention as she fluttered by and landed on a window sill just below a sign that read "For Rent." The sprite continued to flutter, even though she was sitting quite still. I decided to take a closer look. When I got closer, I noticed that the sprite was pointing in the window. I decided to peek inside to see what she was so excited about. At first I couldn't tell what sorts of treasures this shop may have sold in the past. The inside looked like any other shop with display tables and shelves, all bare. I perused the scene with my eyes a bit longer until my heart skipped a beat when my gaze fell onto a potter's wheel. "Could it be?!" I gasped. "Could this have been an art gallery?"

I couldn't leave without knowing, so I followed the instructions on the "For Rent" sign which said, "Interested parties may enter, only if you are judged to be a worthy pervayor by the Sprite Muse. She will unlock the door and allow you to browse the shop. Details of ownership are on the table by the door. Follow their instructions if you think you have what it takes to be the next owner of Duwamish Bay's only art gallery."

The Sprite Muse flew to the door and the door sprung open with a slight creak. I walked to the pace of my heart I could hear beating in my ears. My breath quickened. "This is a dream come true," I thought. "What could be better than owning an art gallery that looks out over the ocean -- a marriage of my two greatest loves in all the world!" Visions of items that would soon fill the shop flashed through my mind. I started getting a sinking feeling when I thought about cost, but the Sprite Muse fluttered by and my spirit soared again. She landed on the table next to a few sheets of paper. "That must be the details of ownership," I thought.

After muling over the ownership requirements (not for very long since I was constantly distracted by the Sprite Muse), I realized that it was this gallery, and the sprite, who had chosen me to be the next owner. It was not me choosing to own the gallery. I signed on the dotted line, filed the papers in my traveling bag, and danced my way back to the House of the Serpent to catch up with my traveling companions to share my good fortune.

Along the rest of the journey I will collect pieces of art to show in the gallery. I will dream new dreams of this gallery by the sea. I know I have what it takes to make this gallery the best anyone in Duwamish has ever seen. I'll have to...I have been chosen.


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Light in last, welcome home!

Love Anita Marie

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