Sunday, October 16, 2005

Within The Inn

I finally reached Duwamish Bay Inn, and claimed a gorgeous room in the Bayside Tower. I was able to open gleaming French doors so my dragon could join us in the room.

Annelinna laughed, sounding like the song of snowbells. "Hay-yooo-munn,we don' have de days to res'. We gots go to Iffika!"

"I know sweetie, we'll be going on in the morning. Not only will I be sleeping tonight, I'll be 'Zenning' with Pye and Skye. That will do as much, if not more, than sleeping will."

"Whut is diss 'Zimming'?" Annelinna's tiny, mobile face frowned briefly.

"You'll see dear, and you are most welcome to join us." I settled on top of the covers to the huge bed. The cats and dragon joined me and curled up , all four of us fitting together into a large yin and yang in the centre of the bed.

Annelinna gingerly found a place to curl up with us, and the five of us 'Zenned Out'; not really sleeping, nor yet awake. Somewhere above and in between wakefulness and sleep we floated. The cats purred joyously and my dragon hummed softly in her throat as ourbreathing changed, becoming deep and slow; I could feel my brain waves slowing into Alpha state and my muscles relaxed fully.

I was curled around, in, and with cats, dragon, and doll in my meditative state with a faint smile holding fast to the corners of my mouth. Here in this place my worries are shed and I touch divinity with my spirit.

It was at suppertime, announced by a soft knock and gentle voice calling through the door. "Ma'am? Supper is being put on the table."

"Mmmmm-kay." I mumbled as I slid back down and into consciousness. The cats and dragon stretched luxuriantly with me while Annelinna beamed at everyone impartially.

"So! Diss 'zimming' is medidation." Her voice was sweet delicate, and chiming. "all usses zimm togedder an'it worksezz beddah."

"Yes dear. Now, I believe supper is ready, I already requested food for the cats and dragon." I opened the door and, yes, there were small dishes for my cats, and a large bucket for the dragon.

"Will you join me for supper Annelinna?"

"Yes. I vant fooods in my bowlly!!"

She rode sidesaddle on my shoulder to the dining hall, it was lit by crystal chandelier and many candles on the tables. The place settings glowed mellowly in the golden light as chattering people sat at the tables and began to pass platters and bowls of food around.

"I don' eatzz dee dead animallas!!" Annelinna stared at the platters of beef, ham, and poultry in utter horror.

"That's all right hon, I see several kinds of vegetables and breads coming our way."

"Good!!!" She eyed the platter of salad with delight, before claiming a cherry tomato, a bit of onion, a slice of cucumber, and a shred of lettuce. The next plate was piled with hot rolls, glossy with melting butter on top. We took one and she sliced off a largush crumb for herself. "Dass 'nuff forrr me!"

"I'll bet!! It would be amazing if you ate all of that without sinking into a 'food coma'!!" I winked and added some cooked cabbage, already buttery with celery seeds clinging to the shreds of cabbage.

We were well and truly 'portly'ed' when the trays of desserts began to make the rounds. I grinned and eyed lemon meringue pie and chocolate creme pie.

"Hooo noooo!!! De sweeetzz!!! I nebber sezz nooo to de sweeetzz!!" Annelinna groaned and I smiled in understanding, my round self spoke for my own inability to refuse sweets.

"What looks good to you 'Linna?"

"Ssschockoooladd!!!!" I laughed and claimed a slice of chocolate creme pie, she tucked in before I had passed the platter on to the next person and their doll.

After we had polished off the pie and washed it down with milk so cold it had little shards of ice in it it was time to stagger to bed.

The cats and dragon were waiting sleepily in our room. After I had changed into a flowing pale green silk nightie and climbed into satiny smooth sheets that held the scent of sunshine and soft breezes from the Bay, the critters claimed thier parts of the bed and Annelinna sunk into the second hugely fluffy feather pillow. It was barely two blinks and we were falling into a deep and restful sleep.


At 9:42 PM, Blogger le Enchanteur said...

I adored the mood and chatter of this Gwen. You do seem to have made yourself very comfortable in Duwmamish. Before you leave you might like to head over to White Owl Island. There will be a special trip to The Isle of Ancestors soon but no one will worry if you go while you are here.

At 10:31 AM, Blogger Shiloh said...

Very cute, Gwen.

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Gail Kavanagh said...

wonderful and rich in description, Gwen - I tasted every mouthful with you.


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