Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Sister of Ours...For GWEN...

It has been written in the story "Sisters"
When you are older you will need your sisters
No matter how much you love your lover,
your children,
Do things with your sisters as well
We need more than a couple and children world
and when you look back you will have learned
Time passes
Life happens
Distance separates
Children grow up
Love waxes and wanes
Hearts break
careers end
Jobs come and go
Parents die
Colleagues forget favours....BUT...

Sisters are there, no matter how many miles are between you
A sister is never farther away than needing her can reach
When you walk that lonesome road,and you
have to walk it by yourself ,your sisters will be
on the road's rim cheering you on,pulling for you
intervening on your behalf and waiting
for you with open arms at the end.
Sometimes they will break the rules and
walk beside you,or come and carry you out.
When we began this adventure called "Womanhood"
we had no idea of the incredible joys and sorrows that lay ahead.
Nor did we know how much we would need each other.
Every day ,we need each other still.

Gwen I wish I had written of sisters wisdom
But I am sure you know that we are here and you can express in your wonderful writing a story familiar to a lot of your travelling companions....Lois (Muse of the Sea) 15/12/05.


At 9:32 PM, Blogger Anita Marie Moscoso said...

The Muse of the Sea,
how did you find your way back to Duwamish?

Welcome, welcome and thank you for your wonderful writing.

anita marie

At 1:25 AM, Blogger Gwen M. Myers said...

Lois dear,
I couldn't forget my Sisters!!! 'Tis why I was able to post that piece!!! I have been blessed with brilliant, talented and beautiful Sisters, like you Lois, Winnie, Heather, Shiloh, Anita, and... oh som many wonderful Sisters around the Globe.
Love, hugs and kisses,

At 5:39 PM, Blogger Lois said...

Now Anita,
You are not the only one with magical and far reaching powers......I came back via a small rowboat I found tied up at the jetty...In it was a dead body,I recognised him....and was sorry that he had passed on...He had not travelled to another land of music as he was wont to do.....
But he lingered in that small boat wondering where to go,who will take me in,am I forever going to be alone.....?....
So I hauled in that thin tall skeleton ,covered it with a tarp and took it out to Owl Island to rest among the white and grey carpet of feathers as they filtered down from the nests above...
Everyone needs a gentle hand to guide them and put them to rest also ,so this done..
I rested awhile and then set off for Duwamish ,a place I loved being and there I would always receive a hug.I somehow felt I would never be alone,like Gwen I have too many sisters....

Lois (Muse of the Sea)


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